The new main features of MemoMaster 4
Tab Bar Allows Quick Navigation between Multiple Open Memos
If required information was spread over several memos, you had to switch back and forth in the past. Now, the tab bar of MemoMaster 4 allows Memos to be "anchored". Further, the user can switch back and forth conveniently at any time.
Sidebar for More Detail
"Memo Details" is a new feature allowing the user to display a sidebar, where folder keywords, brief descriptions, or comments may be added.
The Description allows the assignment of information to the Memo, which is not included in the Memo itself.

Multiple Keywords can be created and be assigned to individual Memos and/or folders. A search can filter these keywords.

Comments can be used conveniently in multi-user environments, e.g. by certain employees of a department or even the whole company. This feature allows adding information, review, or simple notes to Memos. It promotes effective team communication.
Microsoft Word Compatible Styles
Styles can be created that are Microsoft Word compatible, as the text messages are. Single style sheets, headings and lists are defined fast and easy.
Microsoft Word Compatible Headers and Footers
Text Memos can support headers and footers now. The "first page", for example, can be determined as you know from word processing. Headers and footers are compatible with Microsoft Word.
Simplified mapping of Tags
Multiple tags can simultaneously be selected from a variety of predefined tag icons and assigned to their own Memos. The user can also filter according to the tags.
Sharper Resized Images
The image quality and display was increased significantly. MemoMaster 4 is equipped with filters to scale images. This results in more professional appearing images, when e.g. inserting a high resolution logo of a company.

The following screenshot shows an image down-scaled to 20 percent in MemoMaster 3:

The following screenshot shows the new image quality of MemoMaster 4:

The memory consumption has been adjusted significantly as well. Images only effect the memory when they get displayed in the Memo. This improves the memory usage and the performance of loading or importing documents for example.
Tree Elements Allow Certain Characters
Windows characters/symbols, such as ":" or "/", are allowed for titles of elements now.
They are substituted by characters allowed by Windows File System during export.
Faster Search through Fast Alternating Match List
Just one click allows you to alternate directly from text search to the Match list, which enables you to view sources of
information a lot faster.
Code Memos as batch Import
The Import Assistant supports source code files. Therefore, several source code files may be imported at the same time. MemoMaster supports all common programming languages.
Optimized Search Assistant
The Search Assistant allows more optional filters for a more effective search of Memos. You may also search for creation date and modification date as well as keywords, i.e descriptions, comments, comments of files or attachments--in addition to the current search function filtering AND/OR/NOT.
Enhanced Open Dialog - Attachment of Frequently Used Memo-Databases
Databases that are used frequently may be anchored in the selection of the databases that were previously accessed. They will still be accessible, even if they hadn't been used for a while. Therefore, databases are accessible as quickly as possible.
Convert Text to Table
Selected text can be transmitted in a table immediately. Formatting will be applied accordingly.
Surveillance of Multiple Memo Editing in Real-Time
If multiple colleagues are working on the same project - Memo - at the same time, this process can be handled much more efficiently: Changes can be viewed and executed simultaneously.
Enhanced Group Member Information and Inheritance of Access and Editing Rights
The User Rights Management was enhanced largely, e.g. the permission of rights and user definition were optimized. Rights for whole folder structures may be inherited. Enhanced group membership information allows a broader overview.
Reading Access for Single Users or Departments
The Professional Edition allows certain user rights, e.g. the reading of several parts of a Memo database or the whole database, for single users or departments. This feature only allows Memos to be read, no changes can be made.
Further Advancements
The Small-Business-Edition allows 15 users instead of only 8 now.
There are enhanced program settings available now.
The page color of Text Memos may now be selected individually.
The format of the numbering and bullets can now be preset in the settings.
The numbering and bullet format can now be pre-adjusted.
During data export and printing processes, head- and footnotes may be used now.
Further, two other themes were created allowing to change the layout of the program as you wish.

...there are many more new features in detail...