Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
As a Windows Vista user I receive an error message already during the installation. What can I do?

You are using and receive the following error message during the installation process:

     "Could not access VBScript/JScript Runtime for custom action."

Reason: This is not a mistake that occurs concerning MemoMaster only. Several Setups might not be able to be executed correctly using Microsoft Windows Vista. In some cases, system files for Scripting using Windows Vista are not registered correctly.

To correct the mistake, please follow these instructions:
1. [Start] >> Programs >> Accessories >> Command Prompt: Please click with the right mouse button >> Run as administrator.
2. Go to the appropriate directory with "cd \windows\system32" (or "c:\windows\syswow64" using Vista 64-bit).
3. Enter: "regsvr32 vbscript.dll" --> [ENTER]. The following message will appear: "DLLRegisterServer . succeeded!"
4. Thereafter enter: "regsvr32 jscript.dll" --> [ENTER]. Again, the following message will appear: "DLLRegisterserver . succeeded!"
5. Restart the MemoMaster-Setup now.
Is MemoMaster compatible with Windows 7/8/10?

Yes, you can use MemoMaster, also when working with Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10 (32/64 Bit).
I thought MemoMaster was freeware? Why do I own a 30-day Test Version?

If MemoMaster gets started for the first time, it is similar to the Small-Business-Edition with expanded functions for the first 30 days. After the end of 30 days, it will then change into the Freeware Version. You will find the differences of each edition as well as our price list here.
How can I backup my data and where is it filed?

A data backup can be executed via the menu option "Tools/Compact & Repair" while the MemoMaster database is open. The created backup can be found in the same folder in which the database is located that needs to be saved. In advance, make sure that there is enough disk space. The Professional-Edition's data backup is executed via the central SQL Server. Therefore, the usage of "Compact & Repair" won't be necessary.
Can permissions be assigned for Memos and folders for users and whole teams?

Yes; but in order to be able to use the permission management tool, you need to work with the Professional Edition at least. The Private-Edition allows you to assign passwords for individual Memo elements.
Can MemoMaster be saved on a portable device (USB stick)?

Certainly; a portable MemoMaster database can also be adjusted with another (central) MemoMaster database. But you need a MemoMaster installation on the destination computer (e.g. notebook). The Freeware Version is sufficient enough.
How can I contact the support of JBSoftware?

The tab "Help (?)" and the selectable option "Send E-mail to Support" allows you to open a new e-mail in which you will be able to describe the problem or ask questions. Our support is free - without an expensive service contract. Please note that we do not offer support for users of the Freeware Version.
How can I work with several MemoMaster databases simultaneously and transfer Memos?

Firstly, open a minimum of two databases and change to the split mode via the menu button "Window" (e.g. align vertical group). Then, you will be able to move/transfer Memos and whole folder structures via Drag and Drop, while keeping the right mouse button pushed.
Entry Form Fields can only be positioned unprecisely. How can I activate grids?

You won't need grids of any kind to position entry form fields precisely. Just create table borders. They will easily allow you to position your fields in them later. If necessary, you may easily add or create new fields. Our demo will show you how to create an entry form step-by-step. >>> Demonstrations Videos
How can I use the tags I created on my notebook as well?

Please copy the tag file located on your computer under "tagsUsr.dat" to the folder "Tools" under the file path "MyDocuments/MemoMaster/Settings/System" in an appropriate folder of your destination computer.
Can I use a licensed version of MemoMaster on my second computer as well?

You may install MemoMaster's Small-Business-Edition on several computers, due to the fact that our licensing model aims to users and not computers per se. You may only use one copy at the same time though - and only you as the licensed customer. The Professional-Edition may only be installed and operated on only one central Microsoft SQL Server.
How can users of the Professional-Edition logon to their clients (workstations)?

Before you will be able to work with the Professional-Edition, your Administrator needs to adjust the settings of the user / permissions administration for the user accounts. Only then will it be possible for users to logon to their clients (workstations).