Demonstration Videos
Create a Memo database and Individual Entries

Open and see how easy it is to create a Memo database as well as Memos and Memo folders in the Professional-Edition for Microsoft SQL Server.

The Import Wizard

Besides the manual collection of own Memos, the Import Wizard helps you to import hundreds of documents including folder structure at once.
Calculation Memos

Besides Text Memos, MemoMaster also supports Calculation Memos. Create complex spreadsheets or simply import folders from Microsoft Excel.
Use Data Entry Forms

In this film we show you how to create own entry forms and how to use them in MemoMaster later on.
Memo Links/Desktop Shortcuts

With only a few mouse clicks you can link Memos, Memo folders and also individual text passages with each other. Windows desktop shortcuts are also possible.
Assigns Tags and Filter Accordingly

You may assign tags to certain elements to categorize them. You can also filter these icons. This film will show you how this works.
Research - with and without Search Assistant

It is no problem for MemoMaster to administer data in a structured way. MemoMaster also helps you to find this data in many ways - by using the AND/OR/NOT search tool.
The Professional-Edition's Administration

The handling of a Microsoft SQL Server application does not need to be complicated.
This short clip introduces you to the MemoMaster's Administration Tool.