MemoMaster :: Price List

Technical Support is free!

It is our obligation to deliver products free of errors. If you should encounter a problem, you may contact our support via e-mail.

MemoMaster is free of any charges for private use.

The available editions offer extended functions though.

If you use MemoMaster commercially or wish to have expanded functions, you need to purchase the Small-Business- or the Professional-Edition.

We accept the following payment types:

You may use this edition as well as the Freeware Version for non-commercial purposes only. Using the Private-Edition allows you to automatically download product updates via Web-Update. Additionally, you will contribute to the steady development of MemoMaster and will receive free customer support. Further, the information line that is displayed during the opening of any Memo Database is deleted in this edition.
The Small-Business-Edition offers many useful functions that are not integrated in the Private-Edition.
With Network support for up to 15 users per opened memo database. Also this Edition is permitted for commercial use.
The Professional-Edition supports the usage of the Microsoft SQL Server (as well as the free Express-Edition, which will be added to the delivery without any additional charges). Therefore, several hundred users can work with MemoMaster at the same time. The Professional-Edition is highly scalable, felxible and offers and high performance. It is ideal for professional teamwork.
Numerous tags to mark and filter Memos Customization (e.g. rename tags)
:: Features
Supports Code Memos
Supports Calculation Memos
Insert date and time in Memos (configurable)
Use different color schemes/fonts and standard syntax
for Code Memos
Supports Text Memos
Base tag symbols for categorization
Memo color-assignment for categorization
Default settings for bullets and numbered lists
Inserting and embedding of images and graphics with anti-aliasing
  Clipboard monitoring
  (Creates new memos from the contents of the Clipboard)
Find and replace
(with item limit to full-text search)
Moving and duplication of Memos or folder structures
Numbering, bullets, tabs with ruler,
horizontal line and manual page breaks
  Tax and Percentage Wizard, calculator,
  count characters, number of words
Creating and customizing of tables in Text Memos
Link to external files (Memo file attachment)
Automatically download product updates via Web Update
  Advanced "Open dialog"
  (pinning of frequently used memo databases)
Customize the page color (Memo background)
Integrated Thesaurus
Look up Memo text passages in Google, Wikipedia,
Detailed match list in search results
Default titles for new Memos and folders
Detaillierte Trefferanzeige für Suchergebnisse
Default titles for new Memos and folders
Support for timestamps (incl. team)
Remember opened Memo for next session
Recycle bin feature
Spreadsheet functions (such as SUM, MIN, MAX, TODAY,...)
(Cell calculation with Microsoft Excel compatible functions)
  Memo items tab navigation bar
  (simultaneously open and edit multiple Memos)
Memo databases tab navigation bar
(simultaneously open and edit multiple Memo databases)
  Advanced import and export (Batch import and Export Wizard)
  (Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, rich text (RTF), HTML and text)
Memos and documents "Direct Transfer" (without import/export,
supports Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook)
  Creating Adobe Acrobat Reader documents
  (including encryption and password protection)
Search Wizard helps to precisely limit the search per AND/OR/NOT
  Drag'n drop of the Memo items (several databases)
  Drag'n drop from and to external applications
Creating and using personal templates
Automatically convert text in tables
Expiration date function for Memos
  Send messages via e-mail
  (as the message body or as Excel, Word, RTF and PDF attachment)
Send Memos via e-mail (directly in the MemoMaster format to other MemoMaster users)
Entry forms to create personal or department-wide data entry forms
Capture screen clippings with the integrated Screen-Capture-Tool
Table Format Template Wizard (for Word compatible text and Excel compatible spreadsheet Memos)
Style sheets and format transfer for paragraphs, fonts, and styles
Advanced page preview for print jobs
Links and cross-database Memo links (also Memo linking to other memo databases)
Unicode support in Memos
Email archiving, appointments and task creation (requires Microsoft Outlook)
Memo database encryption (including password protection)
Password protection for individual Memos
Favorites management
Monitoring - common Memo editing in real time
  Supports Microsoft SQL Server
  (as well as the free Express-Edition)
User and group administration
(with Batch Import Wizard from Windows domain)
Permissions Administration
(assign access and administration permissions for users and groups)
Permissions inheritance to Memos or entire folder structures
Archiving of attachments (checkin/checkout)
128-Bit AES encrypted document archiving and indexing
  Sending links/shortcuts
  (mail links to text passages directly to other users)
Processing and access lock for Memos and folders
(read, write, delete and access protection)
Print and export blocker
Drag'n drop blocker
  Central web updates
  (network members receive updates from administration)
Users that can work with MemoMaster at the same time
(per each opened database)
1 User
15 Users
unlimited users
1 User
Keywords and assignment of short descriptions, user comments in Memos and folders
Support of Microsoft SQL Server for high reliability and
top performance when working with up to several thousand users.
Free-/Shareware Private-Edition Small-Business-Edition Professional-Edition
(2 Licenses min.)
Single License - $ 19.00 $ 59.00 -
2 Licenses - - $ 58.00 $ 112.00
3 - 9 Licenses - - $ 56.00 $ 110.00
10 - 29 Licenses - - $ 53.00 $ 108.00
30 - 39 Licenses - - $ 50.00 $ 105.00
40 - 59  Licenses - - $ 46.00 $ 98.00
60 Licenses min. - - by request by request
Private-Edition 4
Single License $ 9.00 $ 44.00 $ 39.00 -
2 Licenses - - $ 37.00 $ 85.00
3 - 9 Licenses - - $ 36.00 $ 83.00
10 - 29 Licenses - - $ 34.00 $ 81.00
30 - 39 Licenses - - $ 32.00 $ 80.00
40 - 59  Licenses - - $ 28.00 $ 78.00
60 Licenses ~ - - $ 25.00 $ 76.00